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This is a universal multi-voltage 10/100/1000MB PoE Switch. It accepts up to 4 different voltages (12-57VDC) so the user can power both 48V PoE and 24V PoE devices from the same switch. The port can individually be set to "Data Only" by disconnecting the voltage input to that specific port. It has a 1A per port.

The unit supplies PoE power to the remote device per 802.3af Mode B on Ethernet pins 4,5(V+) and 7,8(V-). The Ethernet specification supports distances up to 100m (328 feet) between the PoE switch and the remote device.

The switch accepts DC power from any power supply. The PoE output voltage equals the DC voltage of the power supply used from 12V to 57VDC. The switch also includes an unpowered uplink port.