Multi-Dwelling Units & On-Site Support

Cielo Systems professional services includes supporting Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartments, dormitories, senior living facilities, and condominiums. This can also include hotels, RV parks, and resorts. Cielo Systems has experienced local staff that will support your property's wired and wireless networks.

Cielo Systems will provide professional support at your property with expertise of the following areas:

    IP Networking

    • Routing

    • MikroTik Experts

    • Mesh

    • Monitoring

    Fiber Optic Install & Repair

    • Fusion Splicing

    • Installation Troubleshooting (OTBR)

    • Trenching 

    Wireless Networking

    • WiFi & WiMAX                                                   

    • Microwave

    • Hotspot

    • Monitoring

    • Heat Mapping

    • PTMP

    • VSAT


    • Install/Alignment

    • Coax Plant Support

    • Tuning