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EtherHaul-1200TL 71-76GHz TDD ODU with Adapter for External Antenna. Operates at 700Mbps aggregated with 2 combo ports: 2xCopper, 2xFiber


The EtherHaul-1200T-L product provides wireless point-to-point 700Mbps (half duplex) Ethernet connectivity. It is designed to meet the growing need of carriers and businesses for secure and reliable high-capacity network connectivity.

Based on Siklu's revolutionary integrated-silicon technology, EtherHaul-1200T-L provides a high performance E-band radio solution that is reliable, small, light-weight and easy to install.

EtherHaul-1200T-L offers high throughput, MEF-compliant networking and QoS. The product features enhanced Hitless Adaptive Bandwidth, Coding & Modulation for maximum spectral efficiency, and link availability.