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Designed for use specifically with the NSM2 and NSM5.

Want to add 8-12dBi* of gain to your NanoStationM?  Want to double, or triple the range of the NanoStationM?  It's as simple as adding a new NanoMReflector from SecurAlign. 

With it's unique design, this reflector will add miles to your range, or help increase your signal to noise ratio without modifying the NanoStationM, and at a minimal cost. 

Made of high quality metal, it is sure to last long into the future against all the elements when compared to some of the competitors that have plastic parts.  Installation is simple and aiming is intuitive.

Now there is no reason to use external antennas, worry about pigtails, or stocking a different client for long range shots.  Minimize your inventory by utilizing the NanoStationM's in all of your installations, and add the NanoMReflector when needed.