Primus Cable C5CMXT-416BK

primus cable

CAT5E CMX Outdoor Direct Burial Cable STP UV water proof tape 1000' Black, Box

"Compare To Ubiquiti's Tough Cable" CAT5E CMXT STP (Shielded) Direct Burial, w/Drain Wire, Waterblock Tape, 1000' 8-Conductor, Black-Outdoor Jacket LSZH, AWG24 Solid-Bare Copper, (UL/ETL) Cable is ideal for direct burial network installations and WiFi Repeater Tower Application.


  • High-performance data communications cable
  • Excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics
  • Designed for burial installations
  • Suitable for 350MHz high speed data applications, 
    Gigabit ethernet, fast ethernet and 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI